Congratulations to all of the Fernbrook Students that are currently in fifth grade and will be moving up from Fernbrook, this coming June. This year's Fifth Grade Committee (2022-2023) includes: Jeanne Glodek, Soniya Patel, Sheila Pesa, Jenn Porter and Jamie Rajkumar

Calling all Fifth Grade Students: 

Baby Photo Request

The Fifth Grade Committee and the Yearbook Committee are requesting Baby Photos of our Fifth Grade Students for the "Then & Now" Bulletin Board and for the Yearbook Baby Photo Page. 

The "Then & Now" Bulletin Board will located in the Fernbrook Front Hallway and students will have their baby photo posted along with their current school photo. This will be displayed in June 2023. 

The deadline to submit your baby photo is Friday, March 31, 2023. We will not be able to accept any submissions after this date. 

Submit Your Photo Digitally:

Submit Your Printed Photo:

Please send your photo in a marked envelope with your student that reads "Fifth Grade Baby Photo" and your child's full name and homeroom teacher's name. We will send a confirmation email when it has been received. The deadline to receive this is noon on March 31, 2023. Late submissions will NOT be accepted. 

If you submit a printed photo, please note that we cannot guarantee the condition of the photos when they are returned to you. Please do not submit an only copy of a precious photo. Printed photos will be returned after the Moving Up Ceremony.

Whether you are submitting your photo digitally or via print, please fill out the Photo Submission Form:

Upcoming Fifth Grade Events

We have a number of fun and exciting activities planned for our Fifth Grade Class. Mark your calendars for the following planned event:

April 28, 2023: Art In Our Yard, Fernbrook School (6:30 PM)

May 19, 2023: Fifth Grade Dance, Fernbrook School (7:00 PM)

Theme of the Dance: "Out of this World: Glow with your Friends"

June, 2023: End of the Year Party, Location/Time TBD

June 13, 2023: Moving Up Ceremony, Fernbrook School (9:30 AM)

*Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and guidelines, circumstances may change for holding large group events. The Fifth Grade Committee is committed to working diligently in making sure that all fifth graders will still have a fun and memorable experience. 

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The "Best Year of Our Lives":

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