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There’s something magical about a school yearbook that brings back memories of the entire school year! This book may be the one place our kids will go to show their kids and grandkids someday, what life was like this year. When did we start? Who were our teachers and our friends? What celebrations did we attend? And more! This will be the place that you'll be able to see (and remember) it all!

Missed the Yearbook Order Deadline? You are in luck! You can still order a yearbook this year, it just will be shipped to your home.

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What is a Fernbrook Yearbook? When I went to elementary school we didn't have a yearbook.

It’s a 70-page, hardcover book, filled with color photo pages that documents the entire school year.  Teachers and families have opportunities to submit photos throughout the school year. 

Aren't Yearbooks just for Fifth Graders?

No! The Yearbook covers all events that take place and ALL grades are included. These events Include but are not limited to: 

Why should I buy a Yearbook?

You won't want to miss this amazing opportunity. There will be amazing memories that are captured for your child’s school years and includes photos of the following:

Need Help or Have Questions?

For technical assistance go to or for other questions, email TreeRing at:

For Photo Submission and Deadline Questions, please email the Fernbrook Yearbook Committee at: