Room Parents are the primary communication between teachers and the families of the students in each classroom. Throughout the year, class parents work with teachers to coordinate class celebrations like the Halloween Party, a Holiday Party and Valentine’s Day celebrations. In addition, Room Parents also coordinate with the class families on holiday and end-of-the-year teacher gifts, special projects for Teacher Appreciation Week and assists with the class field trip as a chaperone and the school wide Play Day event.

Good News: Parents will be able to come back into the classroom to assist with the class celebrations.

There will be two (2) Room Parents per class. If you have more than one child, you may request to be a room parent for each child. However, you will only be chosen for one class. Please note that if there are more than two Room Parent requests in any given class, Room Parents will be selected at random.

Save the Dates: Upcoming Room Parent Events:

Halloween Party: Monday, October 31, 2022

Winter/Holiday Party: Thursday, December 22, 2022

Valentine's Day Party (Drop Off Items): Monday, February 14, 2023

Play Day: June TBD, 2023

Kindergarten Room Parents:

Ms. Balaban:

Dawn Howard-Mistry

Ms. Mariani:

Ana Delavera

Angelica Rochat

Ms. Halpin:

Kelly Senn

Ms. Steinert:

Sharon Martinez

Jennifer Pineda-Rios

Ms. Zeigelstein:

Jodi McLean

Carly Osborne

First Grade Room Parents:

Ms. Caravaglia:

Christin Narath

Ms. Chuplis/Briamonte:

Nina Lifshey

Tracy Viglione

Ms. Kaschak:

Nubia Gomez

Ms. Rubin:

Stacy Marshall

Teri Fitzpatrick

Ms. Strudevant:

Jennyann Hanson

Christine Stegman

Second Grade Room Parents:

Ms. DeCoster:

Brittany Bassett

Lisa Stokes

Ms. Chmielinski/McMurray/Fischer:

Erin Moranski

Geoff Pedrick

Ms. Moore:

Wendy Astudillo-Berniz

Dana Pineiro

Mr. Reggiani:

Lissa Alexander

Stephanie Levin

Third Grade Room Parents:

Ms. Anacker/Slinger:

Jaclyn Greenberg

Ms. Baker:

Susan Phelps

Amy Zincavage

Ms. Miller:

Melissa Zimmerman

Mr. Todd:

Marie Chahed

Erin Lavelle

Ms. Varum:

Melissa Issa

Loren Darzano

Fourth Grade Room Parents:

Ms. Franck:

Vanessa Cedeno

Janine O'Shaughnessy

Mr. Kurlak:

Karen Molina

Krishna Mehta

Ms. Menoni:

Kara Thorson

Jen Cattano

Ms. Misiunas:

Jeanette Aiello

Ms. Siegel/Calabro:

Michelle Hudak

Alison Megaro

Fifth Grade Room Parents:

Mr. Kerr:

Susan Cece

Kerri Matullo

Ms. Killimett/Green:

Monika Brijwani

Jill Spikereit

Ms. Scott:

Johanna Perez

Zamira Sanchez

Questions? Reach out to the Room Parent Committee at