Room Parents are the primary communication between teachers and the families of the students in each classroom. Throughout the year, class parents work with teachers to coordinate class celebrations like the Halloween Party, a Holiday Party and Valentine’s Day celebrations. In addition, Room Parents also coordinate with the class on classwide holiday and end-of-the-year teacher gifts, as well as Teacher Appreciation Week.

Upcoming Room Parent Events:

Halloween Party (Send Items In Only): Friday, October 29, 2021

Winter/Holiday Party (Send Items In Only): Friday, December 17, 2021

Valentine's Day Party (TBD): Monday, February 14, 2021

(Please note that these events and dates may change based on State and Health Guidelines. You will be notified of these changes as they occur.)

Kindergarten Room Parents:

Ms. Mariani:

Nina Lifshey

Ms. Frio:

Christine Steigman

Sandra Valle

Ms. Steinert:

Teri Fitzpatrick

Christin Natath

Ms. Zeigelstein/Balaban:

Stacy Marshall

Amy Rosenthal

Ms. Riebenfeld:

Andrea Guerra

Jennyann Hanson

First Grade Room Parents:

Ms. Chuplis/Briamonte:

Brittany Bassett

Lisa Stokes

Ms. Melody:

Melissa Alexander

Marvin Alexander

Dana Pineiro

Ms. Rubin:

Wendy Astudillo

Nubia Gomez

Ms. Strudevant:

Stephanie Levin

Second Grade Room Parents:

Ms. Caravaglia:

Melissa Issa

Shawnta Dut

Ms. DeCoster:

Melissa Zimmerman

Ms. Chmielinski/McMurray:

Amy Zincavage

Jaclyn Greenberg

Ms. Moore:

Loren Darzano

Jill Gross

Mr. Reggiani:

Jeanne Glodek

Third Grade Room Parents:

Ms. Anacker/Slinger:

Kara Thorson

Ms. Baker:

Karen Molina

Ms. Miller:

Martha Echevarria

Mr. Todd:

Jeanette Aiello

Soniya Patel

Ms. Varum:

Wanna Li

Fourth Grade Room Parents:

Ms. Franck:

Susan Cece

Kerri Matullo

Mr. Kurlak:

Tracey & Brian Dougherty

Jenn Porter

Ms. Menoni:

Monika Brijwani

Ms. Siegel/Calabro:

Marjory Jones

Nina Lifshey

Fifth Grade Room Parents:

Mr. Kerr:

Leslie Czapka

Marissa Feravolo

Ms. Killimett/Green:

Fran Boatman

Jessica Lehrer

Ms. Misiunas:

Cathlin Papadopolo

Ms. Santiago:

Jamie Huff

Kelly Senn

Ms. Scott:

Vanessa Falco

Darcey Mooney

Questions? Reach out to the Room Parent Committee at